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can't you see - all circuits are busy

please try back again

31 July 1979
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a note about AIM: if you see me logged in, with a little to the left of my name, this means that i'm not actually online, but that any message you send to me will be forwarded to my cell phone, and in most cases i can reply to you, so please don't hesitate to contact me. if i'm not logged in at all, you can use the "text his/her cell/pager" option above, but i won't be able to reply unless you provide a number where i can respond.


I don't understand. No, I don't understand. (excuse me).
Why everything's so lame, Why everyone's so wasted.
Why everything's so tame, why everyone's so sorted sordid.
It's got to be your civilized societies (you've got nothing for me).
No cheating? No lies? It's got to be.

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